Samsung: Jelly Bean Update Coming to a Galaxy S3 “Very Soon”

During Samsung’s keynote currently during IFA, they reliable that a Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) refurbish for a Galaxy S3 will be nearing “very soon.” Since they announced a Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Camera as using Jelly Bean out of a box, we would assume that they have fundamentally finalized it for a GS3 as well. “Soon” positively creates a lot of sense.

The thing to remember, is that a refurbish might be finished, though there are carriers concerned that will need to give their final approval. we hatred to be a downer, though Verizon’s will expected be final to a party. As a conduit famous for being impossibly delayed to take their time on updates, it wouldn’t warn me to see a general various accept a refurbish first, followed by T-Mobile, ATT and Sprint before Verizon business can suffer a fun that is Jelly Bean. After all, a Galaxy Nexus LTE still doesn’t have a update, and it’s a damn Nexus.

Via:  Engadget

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